Crews Work Around Weather, On Schedule For

bryan rd 364 pic

Route 94 to Motherhead
Grading work continues through the early part of 2014. Cleared trees will be mulched and recycled. Work is also continuing on the bridge walls at Motherhead.

Motherhead to Gutermuth
Crews will continue to do rock blasting in the area once a day through January. The blasting is taking place on state right of way between Gutermuth and Motherhead. Crews will then haul the dirt from the Dardenne Creek area to Motherhead. This work is weather-dependent.

Gutermuth to Route K
Work is expected to begin on the bridges at Crooked and Dardenne Creeks, as well as at Tributary B early this year.

Route K
Drainage pipe installation is continuing now that utility crews have completed their relocation work at Route K. Crews will be hauling dirt and other materials in the area as they continue installing drainage pipes and completing the fill material for what will eventually be the ends of the bridges on Route K.
Between K and Bryan Drainage installation will continue in early 2014 as crews complete the removal of the cross street pavements.

Bryan Road
Grading work continues for Route 364 under Bryan Rd.

Henke Road
Daytime lane closures will continue as crews work to set girders for the bridge.

All work is weather dependent at this time of year.

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